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M.S. in Adolescence Education - Social Studies (Grades 7-12)

Graduate students majoring in Adolescence Education (Grades 7 to 12) must select an academic specialty from the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum. Such study complements the Adolescence Education courses and provides you with specialized knowledge in one particular discipline. This adds depth and breadth to your level of teaching expertise. It is expected that you, as a teacher, will transmit your enthusiasm for the focused subject to young learners, helping them to grow intellectually and socially. You may select Social Studies (15 credits) from among the Liberal Arts and Sciences curriculum. Students in Adolescence Education: Social Studies also will take 30 credits in teacher education courses.

Social Studies Concentration

The 45 credit program combines a comprehensive curriculum in educational theory and practice with a concentration in history that explores the record of diverse human societies and significant events in all historical eras. While mastering a range of pedagogical approaches, this program introduces you to the ways historians have applied different theoretical models to the study of the past. You will gain the ability to evaluate conflicting interpretations of historical events and to analyze a broad array of sources in social, political, religious, economic, and cultural history. You will have the opportunity to select from a range of courses including, “Ancient Historians,” “Birth of the American Republic,” “Capitalism and Its Discontents: 1870-1919,” “History of American Women,” and “Modern Latin America.”

Culminating Experience

At the end of your coursework, you will complete a Comprehensive Exam, which is a written essay exam that assesses your knowledge of teaching and the teaching process that was acquired throughout the program’s coursework.

Teaching Certification

After you complete all degree requirements and successfully pass New York state certification tests (LAST, ATS-W and CSTs) you will be awarded Initial Teaching Certification by the New York State Department of Education to teach mathematics to grades 5 to 9. Please see the Teaching Certification Requirements home page for details.


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