Curriculum and Instruction

MS Childhood Education/Early Childhood Dual Certification

The Master of Science dual degree in Childhood Education/Early Childhood Education prepares professional teachers and leaders to work with children from birth to grade 6. Graduates develop multiple lenses to view children’s growth and development, care and education, methods of assessment, and diverse educational environments in a child-centered program. Candidates will be trained to work in a variety of educational settings, including public and private schools, Head Start programs, child development and child care centers and other programs related to the education of children through grade 6. The program is designed for individuals who have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or college and who wish to begin a new career as a certified school teacher. Upon graduation, candidates will be eligible for Initial Teaching Certification from New York State. In addition, current teachers who have bachelor's degrees in education and Initial Teaching Certification may use this program to expand their expertise from Birth to sixth grade. This program meets the New York State master's degree requirements for Professional Teaching Certification. The M.S. degree curriculum comprises 14 education courses (42 credits), Practicum in Early Childhood in a Preschool Context (3 credits), and Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar in Childhood (3 credits). In the required courses candidates will study the physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children, including culturally diverse populations. Candidates will gain an understanding of the theory and practice of teaching language arts -- reading, writing, listening, and speaking -- in the early childhood and childhood classroom. The curriculum includes courses in "The Psychological Foundations of Education," "Creative Expression for Early Childhood," "Child Development," and "Beginning Reading and Writing: Emergent Literacy" as well as methods courses in a variety of subject areas aligned with the Next Generation Learning Standards. After completing all degree requirements successfully passing New York State Licensure tests (EAS, CST and edTPA) and completing all seminars listed below, candidates will be awarded Initial Teaching Certification by the New York State Department of Education (NYSED) in Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) and Childhood Education (Grades 1-6). • Child Abuse SAVE (Schools Against Violence Education Act) • • DASA (Dignity for All Students Act) • Health and Substance Abuse If the candidate is a certified teacher with three years of teaching experience, he or she will be eligible to apply for Professional Teaching Certification upon completion of the program. Please refer to the NYSED certification website ( for the most up to date changes in certification requirements.

Major Requirements

Requirements (51-54 Credits)

Core Courses (18 credits)** must be taken prior to co-related and pedagogical core

EDI 600

Psychological Foundations of Education


EDI 601

Social Foundations of American Education


EDI 604

Child Development Birth to Grade 2


EDI 643

Education for Cultural Diversity


EDI 677

Curriculum Development for Teachers


EDI 700

Introduction of Educational Research


Co-Related Content (9 credits)**

EDS 600

Introduction into the Study of the Exceptional Child and Adolescent


EDS 605

Beginning Reading and Writing: Emergent Literacy


EDS 610

Literacy Teaching and Learning: Birth to Grade 6


Pedagogical Core (15 credits)**

EDI 612

Teaching Social Studies in Grades 1-6


EDI 613

Teaching Mathematics in Grades 1-6


EDI 614

Teaching Science in Grades 1-6


EDI 615

Early Childhood Curriculum: Birth to Preschool


EDI 639

Play in the Curriculum


Student Teaching & Practicum

EDI 710A

Supervised Student Teaching and Seminar in the Childhood Education (K-2 and Grades 1-6)


EDI 721

Practicum in Early Childhood in a Preschool Context


Culminating Experience (0-3 Credits): Student can choose one of three culminating experiences:

Final Project (0 credits), required if applying for teacher certification

Comprehensive Exam (0 credits)

EDI 705

Thesis Seminar


**A grade of B- or higher is required in all education courses


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