Academic Programs

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is a thriving center of intellectual excellence that encompasses 5 academic departments and 80 degree programs. Its more than 2,500 students are engaged in a wide variety of challenging courses and hands-on learning experiences that extend across all areas of the humanities and sciences – from the great philosophers and classic literature to the world economy and environmental sustainability.

At the core of each department are faculty members who have garnered national acclaim for their best-selling books, ground-breaking research and creative endeavors. Together, students and their professors explore globally significant subjects and work towards the goal of improving every aspect of the way in which human beings live. To learn more about a specific area of study, click on the left-hand navigation bar for a full listing of academic departments.

Program Degree Majors
Undergraduate Graduate
 Behavior Analysis
   M.S., AC
 Biology  B.A., B.S.
 Chemistry  B.A., B.S.  
 Clinical Psychology
 Earth System Science
 B.A., B.A./M.B.A.
 M.S. Ed., AC
 English  M.A.
 English: Literature
 English: Writing  B.A., B.S./M.A.
 Environmental Science
 Environmental Sustainability
 Forensic Science  B.S.
 Genetic Counseling  M.S.
 Geography  B.A.
 Gerontology    AC
 Health Care Administration  B.S., B.S./M.P.A.  M.P.A., J.D./M.P.A.
 History  B.A.  M.A.
 Mathematics  B.A., B.S., B.S.  M.S.
 Non-Profit Management  AC
 Philosophy  B.A.
 Physics  B.A.
 Political Science  B.A., B.S.  M.S.
 Pre-Law Advisement Program  
 Pre-Medical Sciences  
 Professional Writing in Digital Age  C  
 Psychology  B.A., B.S.  M.A.
 Public Administration  B.S., B.S./M.P.A.  M.P.A.
 Sociology  B.A.


College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Nathaniel Bowditch, Dean