Palmer School Listservs

One of the most useful and valuable tools for you as a Palmer School student is our school listserv, KIOSK. We use this e-mail list to post information about classes, such as rooms, texts, and cancellations; to post job notices, which appear on a regular basis; to find out about upcoming local and national conferences; and to serve as a forum for students to discuss professional topics and share informative articles, Web site availability, or other information.

Subscribing at this time will give you current information about the classes you’ll soon be attending and answer some of the common questions you may have, such as what room your class is in and which textbooks are required.

To subscribe, go to:
To unsubscribe, temporarily halt messages and receive help, visit the URL.

Other listservs generally used by Palmer School students:

cwp-discuss: for doctoral students

cwp-palmeralumni: for Palmer School alumni

Unsubscribing from the listserv:

In order to unsubscribe from any of the listservs, return to the link which is available at the bottom of any KIOSK, DISCUSS, or ALUMNI message and scroll down to the Subscribers area where you will enter your email address to unsubscribe from the list.

LISTSERV Etiquette:

All contributors to KIOSK are asked to follow the etiquette guidelines below to assure that messages on the listserv are clear, concise, and appropriate. These are widely-accepted "netiquette" practices and most listservs have them in place.

Subject matter:

This listserv is designed as a forum for discussing ideas and events in the broad realm of library and information science. It also serves as a means for students, faculty, and administrators to share Palmer School information.

  • Please try to be brief and concise.
  • It is appropriate to discuss controversial library and information science topics on KIOSK but it is not appropriate to "get personal" when initiating or participating in a discussion.
  • Do not include personal comments or rude or insulting remarks.
  • Put an informative phrase in the subject line. Readers should be able to determine what your message is about from the subject header.

Messages to the list should be signed with your full name and email address in the body of the message. Sender names and addresses are often not preserved in the message header when they are posted. Many mail programs have an "auto-signature" feature that lets you write your name, email address and any other contact information you want to include just once and the program will then place this at the end of every mail message you send. It is not appropriate to write anonymously.


Many mail programs do not handle file attachments well. Please do not send attachments to the list but rather put all material in the body of the message so that everyone on the list can read it.


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