B.S. in Sports Management

The BS in Sports Management program is designed for professional and student athletes who plan to maintain involvement in their sport while completing their undergraduate studies. The program is interdisciplinary with courses from physical education, ethics, nutrition and entrepreneurship, as well as components in partnership with the Institute for Sport Medicine and Science in Vienna, Austria. A blended component is offered to provide students flexibility and convenience in scheduling their professional and academic commitments.

New Course Titles

Psychology of Sports: An introduction to the psychological factors that are important for athletic and team functioning in sports. Students will explore key theories and research across a range of psychological topics relevant to athletes and teams, and examine relationships between psychological factors and how they influence sports performance. Students will consider psychological factors that affect sports participation and the application to practical sports situations.

Course Objectives:

  • To introduce important psychological theories that influence athletic performances
  • To understand select sport psychological techniques and their relevance to enhancing performance
  • To integrate personal relevance of the selected theories, techniques, and skills to one’s own sport experiences

Sports Management Internship: Students will have an experience in-the-area of sports management at the college or professional level in advertising, marketing or facilities management under faculty supervision. A plan will be developed focusing on experimental learning and coordinated with the student’s interest in a specific sport from one of the following areas: eSports (Professional Gaming), elite sports, extreme sports, or traditional sports.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and start developing required competencies and managerial skills for sport staff and managers
  • Gain an understanding of the managerial roles, responsibilities and issues of sports managers in a variety of organizational settings
  • Recognize potential career fields in sport management and special qualifications required in each

Undergraduate Course Curriculum

Semester 1 – Fall 1

  1. PE 140 Intro to Sports Management: 3

Semester 2 – Spring 1

  1. PE 141 Facility Management: 3

Semester 3 – Fall 2

  1. ENT 12 Marketing Principles & Practices: 3
  2. PE 143 Economics of Sports: 3
  3. NTR  10 Nutrition: 3

Semester 4 – Spring 2

  1. PE 144 Sports Law: 3
  2. ENT 14 Accounting Principles
  3. PE 142 Sports Marketing: 3

Semester 5 – Fall 3

  1. ENT 13 Principles of Finance: 3
  2. ENT 11 Principles of Management: 3

Semester 6 – Spring 3

  1. ENT 101 Foundations of Entrepreneurship: 3
  2. Psychology of Sport: 3

Semester 7 – Fall 4

  1. MAN 16 Business Communications: 3
  2. MAN 31 Negotiation: 3

Semester 8 – Spring 4

  1. Internship: 3

MAJOR: 45 Credits