Medical Imaging

Things To Know Prior To Applying

Students considering applying to the Medical Imaging Program should be aware of the following information:


Clinical Requirements

  • It is a requirement of clinical sites that all students must have a flu shot prior to October 1st in order to attend their clinical rotations
  • Clinical rotations require travel two, three or five days per week, depending upon a given semester. Students may be assigned to any clinical site for any given period of time.
  • Students are not permitted to request their clinical sites. Students are responsible for transportation to and from their assigned clinical location. On occasion, students may be required to travel from their clinical site to campus for meetings or events. 
  • All clinical sites are located within 30 miles of the LIU Brookville campus.

Clinical Affiliates:  

NYU Winthrop University Hospital - Mineola, NY

NYU Langone, Nrad – Imaging Offices

Garden City - Garden City, NY

Hillcrest- Jamaica Estates, NY

Ohio Drive- Lake Success, NY

St. Joseph’s Hospital - Bethpage, NY

Northwell Health Hospitals

Northwell/ Huntington Hospital - Huntington, NY

Northwell/ North Shore Manhasset Hospital - Manhasset, NY

Northwell Health Offices

Reichert Family Imaging - Greenlawn, NY

Great South Bay Imaging - Islip, NY 11751

Northwell Health at Great Neck - Great Neck, NY

Center for Advanced Medicine - Lake Success, NY

Northwell Orthopeadics- garden City and Great Neck NY

Northwell Orlin and Cohen Orthopedics – offices located in:  

Garden City, Woodbury, Lynbrook, Massapequa, Smithtown, Rockville Center, Port Jefferson and Bohemia

Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology - Imaging offices located in:

Smithtown, East Setauket, Stonybrook, Huntington, and West Islip

ProHealth Outpatient Facilities

Lake Success

Lenox Hill Radiology/RadNet – Huntington, NY


Approximate Additional Costs

Students in the radiologic technology program will be required to purchase textbooks and incur the following additional approximate expenses:

  • Every year you are required to get an updated physical, PPD ad Flu shot.
  • CastleBranch – one-time fee of $35 for processing of clinical compliance documents.
  • RadTechBootCamp – one-time fee of $190 for lab and clinical software
  • UNIFORMS: *Fleece - $50.00 each

                     *Uniform Shirts - $25.00 each

                     *Uniform Pants - $25.00 each

                                 *Radiographic Markers - Approximately $25.00 (2 sets)

                                 *Identification Badge -  $25.00

  • RDT 100 – Summer prior to the start of the Program and RDT 202 - Summer Clinical between Spring I and Fall II (Cost = 4 credits total times the current tuition per credit).
  • Transportation and/or parking cost for clinical rotations (Dependent upon clinical site)

 (*Pricing may change due to Manufacture pricing)

Mammography Policy

All students, male or female will be given an opportunity to complete a mammography rotation. If requested, the program will make every effort to place a male in a mammography rotation, however the program cannot override clinical setting policies that only allow female students complete rotations. Placement for male students is not guaranteed and depends on availability of a clinical site that allows male students to participate.

Pregnancy Policy

A student who becomes pregnant may voluntarily disclose her pregnancy in writing to the director of the Medical Imaging Program. Confirmation by a physician is not required. If such disclosure is made, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires that action be taken to limit the total radiation exposure of the embryo/fetus to 0.5 rem (mSv). This is one-tenth of the dose limit that an adult worker/student may receive in a year. The purpose of the lower limit is to protect the unborn child. Information about Prenatal Radiation Exposure to the possible developmental effects of low-level radiation is available from the Program Director.

After consultation with her personal physician and the Program Director, the “declared pregnant” student is expected to select one of the following options:

She may continue in both the clinical and didactic portions of the program with no adjustment in clinical assignment. She will be expected to adhere strictly to all radiation safety requirements, including the wearing of personnel monitoring devices. If the student’s current clinical setting does not allow for pregnant students to rotate through all areas, she will be reassigned to a clinical setting that allows clinical rotation with no adjustments.

  1. She may withdraw from clinical courses, while continuing her didactic education. In that case, she will be required to fulfill the clinical requirements after delivery. This procedure will extend the duration of the program for the student, and may necessitate repeating a clinical education course. A pregnant student registered for a departmental course that requires activities in energized labs will be monitored for fetal dose.
  2. She may continue full-time status with limited rotations excluding fluoroscopy, surgery, and portables.
  3. She may request a leave of absence from all courses with the expectation that she will resume her education after delivery. Readmission to the program will be on a space available basis and requires that the student withdrew in good standing.

The student must submit in written form, within 48 hours, her decision with regard to the options noted above.                                 

The following are procedures which apply to the options:

1. Application for leave of absence will be reviewed, on an individual basis, by the Program Director

2. The student may attend classroom instruction only and will be required to fulfill the clinical objectives after delivery. The number of absences from classroom instruction will determine whether or not the student will be required to repeat the entire course(s). Pregnant students registered for departmental courses which have energized laboratories will assume complete responsibility for their laboratory practice and must be prepared to leave the room before each x-ray exposure. This will occur under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

3. If maintaining full-time status, the following is a mandatory requirement:

- Strict adherence to all safety precautions for protection purposes is required.

The decision to inform the program that she is no longer pregnant is the individual student’s decision. A student may withdraw a declaration of pregnancy, in writing to the Program Director, at any time. Under this circumstance, the student retains the right to continue their progress in the Medical Imaging program without modification.


Undeclared Pregnancy Policy

If the student chooses not to declare her pregnancy and notify the program faculty, the program will be unable to provide the necessary accommodations for the student in order to ensure proper protection to the embryo/fetus. However, it is the student’s right to complete the Medical Imaging Program in its entirety without modification.