Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal 1 : The student will integrate didactic and clinical course work in order to   practice as competent entry-level technologists.

SLO 1.1 Student will demonstrate appropriate positioning skills to produce a diagnostic radiographic image.

SLO 1.2 Student will select appropriate technical factors to produce quality images.

SLO 1.3 Student will practice principles of radiation protection.


Goal 2: The student will employ effective oral and written communication skills as practicing healthcare professionals.

SLO 2.1 Students will use effective oral communication skills with patients.

SLO 2.2 Students will develop and demonstrate proficiency in written communication skills.


Goal 3: The student will develop a strong theoretical and clinical knowledge base including effective critical thinking and problem solving skills.

SLO 3.1 Students will be able to evaluate the quality of an exposed radiograph.

SLO 3.2 Students will adapt the standard procedure when performing trauma exams.


Goal 4 : The student will systematically construct a knowledge base needed to model professionalism.

SLO 4.1 Students will conduct themselves in a professional manner interacting with patients and other members of the healthcare team.

SLO 4.2 Students will demonstrate a concrete understanding of the profession’s Code of Ethics.