School of Performing Arts Programs

Dedicated to professional training within a liberal arts environment, the School of Performing Arts prepares students for careers in Theatre, Dance, and Music. The school houses two academic departments and supports eight individual majors with multiple tracks of study.

The School's individual degree programs offer opportunities to engage in all types of performance, but we also support closely related areas of design, education, creative writing, and composition. The school challenges students to look forward because today's creatives must be aware of emerging market trends in order to remain on the cutting edge of innovation. Creative thought, expression, and performance is at the heart of all we do, but the school also requires that students develop robust technical skills while engaging in productive collaboration/communication, critical analysis, and problem-solving. These skills, alongside and in concert with specific disciplinary expertise, allow students to develop the professional profile that will serve them today and for years to come.

BA Theatre Arts
BFA Theatre Arts (Acting)
BFA Theatre Arts (Musical Theatre)
BFA Music Technology, Entrepreneurship & Production
BM Music Education
BS Music