Entrance Requirements

The Center admits children who have shown evidence of academic and intellectual promise. While guidelines are not fixed, gifted children are usually identified by high scores on standardized I.Q. tests, strong personal interests and superior school performance. Students accepted into the program in past semesters have usually shared most or all of the following characteristics: scores of 130 or higher on I.Q. tests, high scores on achievement tests, and exceptional school performance. In addition to the above criteria, recommendations, which indicate the degree of the child's social and emotional maturity are required.

Application Procedures

New students are accepted into the Center throughout the year for entry the following semester. Applications on behalf of students may be made directly by parents, as well as by elementary and middle schools.

Because of the limited number of openings for new students, as well as the time it takes to review applications, parents are urged to apply as soon as possible before the start of a new term. There is no deadline for applications, because we have a rolling admission policy. Applications will be reviewed by the admission committee when all of the following materials have been received:

Please Use the Following Forms to Apply

Application forms are available below in PDF or Microsoft Word formats.

Form 1
A completed application form (to be filled out by the child's parent or legal guardian)
PDF format Word file
Form 2
A recommendation by the principal or guidance counselor of the applicant's school, including the results of standardized intelligence and achievement tests. Parents must notify schools of their permission to release these scores.
PDF format Word file
Form 3
A recommendation by the applicant's teacher (last full grade completed) or the appropriate school guidance counselor. For all applicants, a brief narrative focusing on the child's social and emotional maturity is required.
PDF format Word file
Form 4
Application Fee Form
PDF format Word file

Parents will be notified by mail as to whether their child has been accepted into the program. If accepted, registration materials will follow. Parents of accepted students need not re-apply for admission into the Center for subsequent semesters.

Registration Procedures for Accepted Students

Once a child is accepted into the LIUCGY, parents will receive registration materials, as well as other information concerning tuition payment and schedules.

Registration is separate for each semester and is based on a first-come, first-served system.

Enrollment in our classes is limited in order to maximize learning opportunities for each student. As soon as a course is filled, it will be closed. We cannot guarantee placement. In order to avoid disappointment, it is advisable to register early. We ask you to consider simultaneous enrollment for both the fall and spring semesters. We believe this will improve the benefits of the program by providing continuity in friendships among students. It will also enable us to plan in advance for the needs of individual students. Students are the guests of Long Island University while participating in the gifted youth program and are expected to act appropriately. Misconduct may result in removal from the program.