Public Safety

Campus Buildings

Academic and administrative buildings on campus are normally locked after business hours unless they are being used for legitimate evening or educational purposes. Alarms are set and interior and exterior building patrols are performed throughout the hours of darkness. The Campus computerized intrusion and fire alarms are monitored 24 hours a day by a Public Safety Officer.

The Post campus houses approximately 1,900 students in various accommodations. Services and programs intended to enhance the quality of life and to ensure the security and safety of the resident students are major priorities for the Residential Life and Department of Public Safety administrators. Each residence hall facility includes a security checkpoint, which is staffed at prescribed hours. All building entries are on 24-hour lockdown and residents of the building have access via an entry card system. Guests and visitors are required to register when entering a building. Live-in Residence Hall Directors (RHD's) and Residence Assistants (RA's) staff all residential facilities and at least one of these staff members is on duty at all times.

Policies and Procedures for Safe Access to Residence Halls

Residence hall entrances are locked 24 hours a day. Access is by an individually coded swipe LIU identification card, which is provided to each resident student.

Residence Hall Security Staff will be present during Fall and Spring semesters at prescribed hours to check I.D.'s of all people (residents and visitors) entering the residence halls. No one is admitted without proper photo I.D. (University I.D. or Drivers License). All guests and persons making deliveries must sign in at the Security desk at the front entrances and must be escorted to the room by the student they are visiting.

Visitors are permitted in the residence halls only with proper authorization.

The Department of Public Safety works closely with the Residential Life staff to ensure that safety and welfare policies are being satisfactorily implemented in and about residence halls and that fire regulations are being followed. Hallways and public areas are patrolled with attention focused on potential security issues.

Violations of housing regulations are noted and reported to the Residential Life staff for their action. Criminal activities, interpersonal conflicts and disturbances are forwarded by Public Safety to the Residential Life staff for follow-up action when necessary. Public Safety Officers are available to conduct informational safety presentations upon request. When appropriate, the Dean of Students is notified regarding issues affecting residential facilities as well as the Campus community in general.

Campus Building Accessibility

Below is a list of campus buildings that are handicapped accessible. The location of access points to the building has also been provided.

Roosevelt House:

∙ There is full access to the rooms on the first floor when entering through the main lobby in the front of the building.

Hillwood Commons:

∙ Automatic sliding doors on campus side of building
∙ Parking lot side of building has access buttons on the door farthest to the left
∙ Elevator located behind staircase


∙ Access buttons and ramp on south side of building (Tilles/Hillwood side)
∙ Elevator located in center of the building

Interfaith Center:

∙ Access ramp and button on south side of the building leads into main sanctuary

Kahn Discovery Center:

∙ Access button on main entrance (southeast corner of building)
∙ Elevator located in center of building

Kumble Hall:

∙ Access ramp and button located in front of building
∙ Elevator located on left hand side of entrance


∙ Ramps and automatic doors at entrance
∙ Elevator located in center of building

Lorber Hall:

∙ Access to building is through the handicapped parking lot. (Front entrance)
∙ Elevator in rear left corner of the building

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