About Research and International


LIU is committed to transformational change in the higher education landscape by the synergistic coupling of research and international engagement. The Research and International Office exists to catalyze, nurture and embrace multi-disciplinary, globally impactful research and educational programming that prepares future graduates for the challenges and opportunities presented by life in the 21st Century. Research and International Office will partner with colleges, departments, academic and non-academic units, senior leadership and the greater LIU community to promote diversity, grow international engagement, innovation, entrepreneurship, and cultural understanding to enrich and propel LIU’s overall mission for becoming a globally engaged research and education enterprise.

Research & International Strategies

Research Administration

Instituting an effective, globally agile grants and research infrastructure

Research Development

Implementing highly-focused research intelligence and faculty support

Research Advisory Council

Fostering a highly conducive research environment and discovery culture

Academic and Research Excellence

Nurturing integrated research, teaching and learning

Faculty Engagement

Attracting, retaining and connecting globally recognized research faculty

Federal Funding

Pursuing extramural, competitive research awards

Government Relations

Establishing university-government relationships to foster LIU goals

Novel Academic Programs

Creating integrated research-academic platforms driven by 21st Century careers and lifestyles

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