Tales of Theodore Roosevelt led by Tweed Roosevelt, the great-grandson of the 26th President

"TR, Master Diplomat"
Tuesday, Oct. 20
12 PM ET

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Down the Amazon

TR's Brazilian adventure, undoubtedly his most dangerous which he barely survived, juxtaposed with the journey Tweed Roosevelt made retracing this adventure through country as wild today as it was in 1914.

TR and the Navy

A story on how Theodore Roosevelt used naval power to make the U.S. a world power. This lecture includes a discussion of the current drama on the aircraft carrier named after him, the USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN17).

In The Badlands

As a young deputy sheriff in North Dakota, Theodore Roosevelt hunted down dangerous desperadoes, almost got into a duel with a crack shot French aristocrat, and saved a saloon of drinkers by punching out a terrorizing drunkard.

Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection @ LIU

LIU's Theodore Roosevelt Association Collection is comprehensive with holdings of more than 3,000 books, pamphlets, documents, and archives concerning the life, times, and interests of our 26th President as well as Theodore Roosevelt's rich and prolific writings.


The Theodore Roosevelt Institute at Long Island University is partnering with the Theodore Roosevelt Association to present the National Theodore Roosevelt Public Speaking Contest.

Thank you to all the high school juniors and seniors for participating and making this a highly competitive public speaking contest that truly honored the iconic legacy of President Theodore Roosevelt.

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