theodore Roosevelt institute Centenary Conference

The Theodore Roosevelt Institute Centenary Conference honored President Roosevelt's life and legacy. The event included keynote speakers, breakout sessions, a film festival, and presentation of the inaugural Roosevelt Medal of Honor to New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Distinguished national experts including Karl Rove, Geoffrey Cowan, Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos, Historian Jorge Orlando Melo, and Tweed Roosevelt, led sessions on:

  • Roosevelt's Enduring Influence on the American Mind
  • Roosevelt's Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  • Roosevelt as a Master Strategist
  • Roosevelt as a Reformer

Session materials, speaker bios, and media materials are available below. We look forward to seeing you at future events.

Session Resources

Combining Theodore Roosevelt's History with Current Public Policy Issues 
Geoffrey Cowan, Esq.
TR and Oliver Wendell Holmes: Brahmins in the Arena
Rudy Carmenaty, Esq.
Eris of the West: Refuting Hagedorn's Vigilantism Accusation
Austin Artz
Theodore Roosevelt, Master Diplomat
Tweed Roosevelt, Chairman of the Theodore Roosevelt Institute and University Professor
How Roosevelt is Used to Teach Grand Strategy
Jaimie Orr
Theodore Roosevelt and Gender Dynamics
Melissa Murphy
Theodore Roosevelt Conflicted: Fox Hunting on Long Island
Judith Tabler
Up From the Depths: TR's 1896 Political Resurrection
Karl Rove
Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum
Edward F. O'Keefe
The Roosevelt Image in American Memory
Dr. Michael Cullinane
Panama: The Colombian Perspective
Colombian Ambassador Francisco Santos and Historian Jorge Orlando Melo
Re-visiting Citizenship in a Republic
Scott Astrada, Esq. and Israel Nery, Esq.
TR: The Art of "Speaking Softly"
Stanley Wien
The Rehabilitation of Theodore Roosevelt's Home, Sagamore Hill
Susan Sarna
The Religious Dimension of Theodore Roosevelt's Support for World War I
Dr. Benjamin Wetzel
A Critical Juncture: TR, the Press and the Challenge to Democracy
Todd Brewster
Sagamore Hill as the Summer White House
Bill Bleyer
Theodore Roosevelt at the Library of Congress
Michelle Krowl, Library of Congress, Theodore Roosevelt Papers Curator



Tales of Theodore Roosevelt led by Tweed Roosevelt, the great-grandson of the 26th President

"TR, Master Diplomat"
Tuesday, Oct. 20
12 PM ET

Sandra Richard
Office of the President