Academic Resource Program (ARP)

Hours of Operation
9 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Late-night hours available

LIU Brooklyn Campus
Library Learning Center
4th Floor
Phone: 718-488-1095

LIU Post Campus
B. Davis Schwartz Library
1st Floor
Phone: 516-299-3057

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Academic Resource Program?
The Academic Resource Program, housed at the LIU Post campus, is a comprehensive support program designed for students diagnosed with a specific learning disability or AD/HD to help them achieve their academic potential in a university setting.

How Long Has The Academic Resource Program Been In Existence?
The Academic Resource Program began operation in the Fall semester of 1985.

How Does The Academic Resource Program Fit Into Long Island University?
The Academic Resource Program is part of the Learning Center and is only available on the LIU Post Campus.

How Does The Academic Resource Program Help A Student Reach His Or Her Potential?
Program students work with learning assistants on a one-to-one basis. An individualized program, outlining the student’s strengths and needs, is designed for each student using information from the student’s Diagnostic Evaluation Report. Working with a learning assistant, students are guided and motivated to become independent, successful learners and self-advocates.

Who Are Learning Assistants?
Learning assistants are individuals who have either completed a master’s degree or are working towards completion of a master’s degree. All learning assistants are trained to work with students who have learning disabilities.

How Do The Learning Assistants Work With Program Students?
Learning assistants help freshmen make the transition from high school to college. They assist all Academic Resource Program students in time management, organizational skills, note-taking techniques, study skills, and other necessary learning strategies. All appointments are scheduled by ARP administrators, and students are provided with a comprehensive class and ARP schedule at the start of each semester. Each student is responsible for his or her attendance and participation in these sessions.

Freshman and sophomores meet with a learning assistant for two hours per week. Students are welcome to schedule more hours if necessary. Juniors, and seniors are given the opportunity to schedule and contract more flexible hours with the Academic Resource Program staff.

What Ancillary Services Does The Academic Resource Program Provide?
Ancillary Services available to the Academic Resource Program students include:

  • Note-takers for for class lectures
  • Proctors for extended-time exams and other reasonable test accommodations as supported by the students' documentation
  • Assistance with textbooks in audio and/or alternate format.
  • Assistance with planning and scheduling of classes
  • Guidance to direct students to supplemental services on campus
  • Instruction on using computers including speech-to-text and text-to-speech programs
  • Workshops

How Long May A Student Receive Academic Resource Program Support?
The Academic Resource Program is available to students as long as they are registered as undergraduates at LIU Post; however, one of our many goals is to have our students become independent learners and self-advocates. The majority of ARP students opt to handle their class work on their own by their junior year.

How Many Credits May A Student Enrolled In The Academic Resource Program Take Each Semester?
Freshmen enrolled in the Academic Resource Program are limited to 13 credits (which includes Freshman Seminar) for their first semester. After their first semester, Academic Resource Program students may enroll for the maximum number of credits permitted by the University. To be considered a full-time student and to live in residence at LIU Post, a student must be registered for 12 credits.

Is There A Fee For The Academic Resource Program?
The fee for the Academic Resource Program is $2,000.00 per semester, which is in addition to the cost for tuition, room and board, and books. The fee covers the one-to-one sessions with learning assistants. Auxiliary aids and ancillary services are provided to our students at no charge.

How Many Students Participate In The Academic Resource Program?
The Academic Resource Program can accommodate 75 students.

How Many Freshmen Does The Academic Resource Program Accept?
The Academic Resource Program admits up to 40 freshman and transfer students each fall. An additional 10-15 openings may become available as present students opt to continue their education at LIU Post as self-advocates and without Academic Resource Program support.

Are Students Admitted To The Program In The Spring Semester?
Current students who are documented learning disabled and who require Program support receive consideration if places become available. A student who was part of the Program and opted to work without Academic Resource Program support may re-enter the Program if he or she is experiencing difficulty with course work. If any additional places remain open for the spring semester, transfer students will be considered.

May A Student Visit The Academic Resource Program Before Submitting An Application To LIU Post?
Prospective students are encouraged to tour LIU Post and to visit the Academic Resource Program to gather additional information. To arrange a tour of the campus, please call the Admissions Office at 516-299-2900. To arrange a tour of the Academic Resource Program facilities, please call our office at 516-299-3057.

When Students Visit To Gather Information About The Program, Will That Visit Count As An Interview?
An information gathering session is just that. The session will provide information about the University and the Academic Resource Program. It is your chance to learn about us. Our chance to learn about you takes place during your formal interview, which is a part of the application process.

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