College of Veterinary Medicine



The mission of the Long Island University College of Veterinary Medicine is to awaken, enlighten and expand the horizons of its students through a commitment to innovation in teaching, research and service to society.

College of Veterinary Medicine Goals:
  • To develop an innovative curriculum based on transformative experiential learning and mutually beneficial collaborations with the community
  • To provide a vibrant learning environment that promotes academic excellence, discovery and social accountability
  • To offer an innovative, accredited and contemporary veterinary program that meets the needs of society at the local and global levels
  • To foster scholarship that contributes to the enhancement of the veterinary and health professions
  • To produce globally competent, practice-ready and entrepreneurial veterinarians

Long Island University’s mission is to provide excellence and access in private higher education to people from all backgrounds who seek to expand their knowledge and prepare themselves for meaningful educated lives and for service to their communities and the world. In congruence with the mission of the University, the College of Veterinary Medicine will provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity to enter the field of veterinary medicine. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program will promote professionalism, community service and competence, making a strong positive impact upon the veterinary profession.