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In congruence with the mission of the University, the College of Veterinary Medicine will provide students from all backgrounds the opportunity to enter the field of veterinary medicine.  The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program will promote professionalism, community service, competence and making a strong positive impact upon the veterinary profession.

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program at Long Island University, College of Veterinary Medicine, will prepare competent and compassionate practice-ready veterinary professionals. Graduates will have the option to join the work force (day 1 competent) or pursue further specialization. The College of Veterinary Medicine will offer an educational program aligned to the accreditation standards of the AVMA-COE. Students will receive excellent clinical education and the program will meet the OIE specific competencies in epidemiology, transboundary animal diseases, zoonosis (including food borne diseases, emerging and re-emerging diseases, disease prevention and control programs, food hygiene, veterinary products, animal welfare, veterinary legislation and ethics, general certification procedures, and communication skills.)

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