College of Veterinary Medicine


Admissions Requirements

A. Academic requirements include: 

1. Completion of at least 60 credits of full-time postsecondary education at a recognized university, or at a college providing university-equivalent courses.

2. Preference will be given to applicants that have completed a baccalaureate degree with an overall grade point average (GPA) above 3.2. Minimum overall GPA is set at 2.8.

3. Preference will be given to applicants with a GPA above 3.2 in the following pre-requisite courses:



Biology 1 or Zoology


Biology 2 or Zoology


General Chemistry with Laboratory


Organic Chemistry with Laboratory






Statistics or Calculus (Mathematics)


English Composition


TOTAL pre-requisite credits



Minimum pre-requisite GPA is set at 2.8. Applicants must complete all pre-veterinary pre-requisite course work with a C grade or better to be accepted into the program. The pre-requisite courses must be taken within the previous 6 years. Exceptions may be granted for applicants with existing degrees in the medical profession who continued to practice in the medical field since getting their degree (e.g., medical doctors, nurses, and registered/certified/licensed veterinary technicians/technologists, etc.).

B. Non-academic factors reviewed as part of the admissions process will include:

  1. Writing and communication skills, based on the applicant’s personal statements/essays
  2. Descriptions of relevant animal, veterinary, and research experiences, along with the evaluations of three letters of reference
  3. Personal and professional strengths and characteristics, showcased in a situational judgement test (CASPer®)
  4. Interview (by invitation only) - based on the review of the applications, the most competitive applicants will be invited to an online video interview with CVM Faculty (following the multiple mini-interview format).

Foreign applicants

English language proficiency must be demonstrated by all applicants with transcripts from academic programs not taught in English. English proficiency can be demonstrated by one of the following:

  • A minimum score of 85 on the internet-based TOEFL, with a minimum score of 50 on the Test of Spoken English and a minimum listening score of 22; 225 on the Computer-based or 550 Paper-based
  • A minimum ILTS score of 7
  • A minimum Cambridge English advanced and proficiency overall score of 185
  • A minimum Pearson Test of English (PTE) of 67
  • Submitting an ELS 112 completion certificate will satisfy the language proficiency requirement and no TOEFL/IELTS/PTE will be required.

Application process

All applications for the LIU-CVM program must be submitted through the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS  Only completed applications (designated as ‘verified’ in VCMAS), within the set deadline, will be considered.  Further information, detailed instructions, and support is provided by VMCAS.