College of Veterinary Medicine


Prospective Students

Tuition Information

LIU is committed to providing students a high quality, affordable education. Since 2014, tuition rate increases have been capped at 2% or less, a commitment that will continue through 2020 at a minimum as set forth in the University’s Strategic Plan.

LIU is approved for its students to participate in the US Direct Loan Program. The schedule below provides tuition, cost of attendance, and other information for prospective DVM students.


In order to withdraw from a course, a student must complete an official withdrawal application and submit it to the LIU Enrollment Services Office prior to the withdrawal deadline listed in the academic calendar. The withdrawal is noted on the student’s transcript with a grade of (W), or (WF). A student, who stops attending classes without officially withdrawing will be given either of the grades UW (unofficial withdrawal) or F. Please refer to the University’s withdrawal policy section for further details regarding official and unofficial withdrawals.

Maintenance of Student Standing

It is expected that students will fulfill the requirements for the degree by registering over successive semesters. A degree candidate who does not reregister for classes must apply to the Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs for maintenance of matriculation before or during the registration period. A fee must be paid during the registration period of each inactive semester. Maintenance of matriculation does not extend the time limits specified under Requirements for Degrees. Students serving in the armed forces of the United States maintain their standing automatically during their time of service.

Graduation Requirements

Upon recommendation of the faculty and approval by the board of trustees, the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is conferred by LIU upon a candidate who has met the following requirements:

  1. Satisfactory completion of the full prescribed curriculum.
  2. Maintenance of a minimum 2.0 or “C” cumulative GPA in all coursework.
  3. Settlement of all accounts with the university, including the graduation fee.
  4. Evidence of good ethical and professional character.

Students have until the time of their graduation to have changes made on their academic records. Once a student has graduated, the academic record cannot be changed retroactively.