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The B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library provides convenient and effective access to resources such as books, library catalog, electronic databases and scientific journals.

Mission Statement: In accordance with the mission of Long Island University the B. Davis Schwartz Memorial Library supports and expands the educational and research capabilities of LIU Post, providing the highest level of instruction, services, resources, and facilities. As the intellectual center of the campus, the Library prepares LIU Post students for academic success, for lifelong learning, and for being responsible global citizens. 

The Library strives to:

  • Ensure that every LIU Post student achieves information literacy, developing the research skills to find information and the judgment to evaluate and utilize it effectively 
  • Provide students with instructional experiences of the highest quality, whether in individual, group, classroom, or virtual environments 
  • Continuously assess and improve the Library's technology, infrastructure, and informational resources as a vital and dynamic part of the learning programs of the Campus 
  • Provide convenient and effective access to information 
  • Promote interaction and collaboration with campus departments and with university libraries 
  • Recruit, encourage, and develop an innovative and qualified staff who shares its expertise with the LIU Post community 
  • Maintain a safe, healthful, and comfortable physical environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and the exchange of ideas

The Library subscribes to the American Library Association's "Library Bill of Rights."

Electronic Resources

The EBSCO's Discover search tool provides 24/7 access to our entire electronic collection.

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