College of Veterinary Medicine


Carmen Fuentealba, DVM, MSc, PhD, FAMEE

Dean & Professor


The College of Veterinary Medicine is being led by Carmen Fuentealba, DVM, MSc, PhD. Dr. Fuentealba is an award-winning educator with extensive administrative and research experience in accredited Doctor of Veterinary Medicine programs in the USA and Canada.  

She was founding faculty and Associate Dean for Clinical Programs at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Western University of Health Sciences (Pomona, CA), founding faculty and Assistant Dean for Student Affairs at the University of Calgary, College of Veterinary Medicine (Alberta, Canada), and Senior Associate Dean for Program Accessment and Executive Associate Dean for Teaching and Learning at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.

She holds a DVM from the Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile), a MSc in Animal Pathology from Universidad de Chile (Santiago, Chile), a PhD in Veterinary Pathology from the University of Liverpool (UK), and is a Fellow of the Association of Medical Educators of Europe (AMEE).

Publications - (selected manuscripts)

Veterinary Pathology

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Veterinary Education

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