Admissions Recruiters

As your primary point of contact, your admissions recruiter will help guide you through the admissions process. From applying and enrollment, to student life and academic programs, your admissions recruiter is here to help.

Find Your Recruiter by Location

Find your recruiter by state or search the list of recruiter(s) to find an admissions representative for your area.

Schedule a time to meet with your recruiter to learn more about Long Island University and what opportunities are available to you as an LIU student. Discussions can include the admissions process, enrollment, housing and residence life, scholarship opportunities, what you can expect from your future and so much more.


Nia Shields

Admissions Counselor

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-413-4254


Charlene Lewis

Admissions Counselor

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-713-9819


Paul Chakmakjian

Director of Graduate Admissions

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-413-8447


Gerard Sweet

Associate Director of Admissions

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-713-9787

Staten Island

Joachim Koka

Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-532-9861

United States


Director of Admissions

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-563-5244



Director of Admissions

 Contact  Book One-on-One  516-563-5244

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