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BA Sports Communication & Marketing

The Roc Nation’s School of Music, Sports & Entertainment’s innovative B.A. in Sports Communication & Marketing is the first of its kind in the New York. The program prepares students for careers in a dynamic and growing spectrum of sports media. As the $500 billion sports industry continues to grow, there will be increased demand for professionals with business and communications training.

Drawing on years of industry experience, LIU’s faculty experts create a dynamic course of study through experiential learning and access to world-renowned sports industry professionals.

Students gain practical experience in sports writing and reporting; promotion of sports teams, events and products; performing as a play-by-play announcer or program host; and production of sports content for traditional, online and social media. Students also have the opportunity to engage with LIU’s robust alumni network, which includes notable sports reporters, publicists and experts in New York City and beyond. Graduates of the program are ready for careers in sports broadcasting, sports management, or sports information.

LIU Brooklyn’s location in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn provides students with ample access to and opportunities with sports franchises — Barclays Center, home of the Brooklyn Nets, is just 4 blocks from campus.

Major Requirements

Course # Course Name
Major Requirements
MANT/SOC 161 Sociology of Sport
JOU 119 News Writing
JOU 120 Introduction to Mass Communication
JOU 135 News Reporting I
JOU 147 Sports Information and Public Relations
JOU 151 Sports Writing and Reporting
JOU 160 Journalism Internship
MKT 201 Fundementals of Marketing
MKT 344 Sports Marketing
SPM 176 Introduction to Sport Management
Journalism Electives
JOU 111 Photojournalism
JOU 130 Television Journalism
JOU 141 Online Journalism
JOU 143 Communication
JOU 222 Social Media Theory and Practice
JOU 1561 Video Journalism I
Sports Electives
HIS 175 Social History of Sports
JOU 192 Covering High Profile Athletes: Challenges and Pitfalls
JOU 204 The Globalization of Sports: Origins and Prospects
SPM 186 Sport Facilities Management
SPM 191 Leadership in Sport Management
SPM 200 Sports Law
SPM 202 Strategic Sport Communication
SPM 216 Selling and Communication for Sports

Core Requirements

Course # Course Name Credits
English Composition
ENG 16/16C English Composition 3
English Literature
Select one (1) course from the following:
ENG 61 European Literatures I 3
ENG 62 European Literatures II 3
ENG 63 American Literatures 3
ENG 64 Global Literatures 3
Select one (1) course from the following:
HIS 1 Perspectives in Pre-Modern World History 3
HIS 2 Perspectives in Modern World History 3
PHI 60 Philosophical Explorations 3
SPE 3 Oral Communication 3
Select one (1) course from the following, unless major requirements list specific Math courses:
MTH 15 Math Tools and Their Use 4
MTH 16 Finite Mathematics 3
Science Lab-Based Course
Select one (1) course from the following:
BIO Biology 4
CHM Chemistry 4
PHY Physics 4
Foreign Language
Select one (1) course from the following:
SPA 11 Introductory Spanish I 3
SPA 12 Introductory Spanish II 3
ITL 11 Introductory Italian I 3
ITL 12 Introductory Italian II 3
FRE 11 Introductory French I 3
FRE 12 Introductory French II 3
Visual and Performing Arts
Select one (1) course from the following:
ART 61 Introduction to Visual Art 3
DNC 61 Dance Through Time 3
JOU 61 Journalism, Social Media, and You 3
MA 61 Media Arts and Technology 3
MUS 61 Music and Culture 3
THE 61 The Theatrical Vision 3
Social Sciences I
Select any introductory course from the following:
Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 3
Social Sciences II
Select any introductory course from the following:
Anthropology, Economics, History, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology 3

Scott Angarola

Scott Angarola brings the unique combination of 'academic', 'sports', and 'business' experience. His academic experience spans from the Universities of Central Florida, Hawaii, and culminating with a Doctoral degree from New York University. His 'sports' experience includes work at the NCAA Division I and NBA level with various positions in Operations, Video Coordination, Scouting, Marketing, and Operations. Dr. Angarola is also closely connected to the New York City 'startup' scene, working with various small businesses in the 'event management' and 'hospitality' industries. Dr. Angarola looks forward to getting you to that 'next' level!

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