Bachelor of Fine Arts

Music Technology, Entrepreneurship & Production

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music Technology, Entrepreneurship and Production puts students inside the recording studio and prepares them for behind-the-scenes careers in the music industry. Students will develop exceptional competency in all aspects of the music making process.

New York City is the birthplace of many of the world’s most iconic artists and companies in the now nearly $20 billion global music industry. Program graduates will have the tools to build successful careers in creative entrepreneurship, venue management, distribution, performance, songwriting, engineering, and production.

The program will feature an experiential teaching and learning approach, grounded in the real world of music production and marketing, and follow a learning community/cohort model that places peer collaboration at the center of the educational experience. The program is centered around four pillars that are vital to the success of the modern musician:

  1. Creation of music: songwriting, performance, improvisation and arranging
  2. Production of music: music technology, mixing and engineering
  3. Business of music: entrepreneurship, marketing, promotion, copyright and management
  4. Background of music: history, culture, and globalization of contemporary music

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