Session II: July 22 - August 2 - Crime Scene Investigation

Morning Option (9AM - 12:30PM)
FSC 71 - Introduction to Criminalistics (BMS 71 in catalog)

The course includes an overview of forensic science laboratory techniques. The subject introduces the student to information collected and chain of custody followed at the crime scene; photography; physical evidence and its properties (trace evidence, fingerprints; firearms; fibers; paint; documents examination). This subject includes principles of microscopy; serology (blood identification procedures); origin determination; semen identification procedures; other biological substances of interest; hair comparison; drugs and toxicology; casework interpretation; quality control, proficiency testing and accreditation; and recent criminal cases.

Afternoon Option (2PM - 5:30PM)
CACJ 20 - Critical Issues in Criminal Justice

This course reviews contemporary issues in criminal justice. Issues such as the media, gun control, and immigration are all discussed with their impact on the criminal justice system.



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