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History of WCWP

WCWP 50th AnniversaryS. Arthur Beltrone '63 and Theatre Arts Professor Virgil Jackson Lee founded WCWP in the spring of 1960 as a closed-circuit radio station to provide entertainment and information for the Campus community. With a staff of 20 passionate students, the Radio Club of C.W. Post College was initiated. From a small studio and control room, WCWP first signed on the air at 12 noon, October 18, 1961. After operating from these quarters for two years, plans were made to extend WCWP's services to the Long Island community through the facilities of a noncommercial, educational FM station, operating from the college campus. In January of 1965, WCWP acquired its new quarters, named after Mr. Benjamin Abrams who was a pioneer in the communications industry. More than thirty years later, the Internet radio station, mywcwp, began operation in September 1999. Today, The Internet radio station can reach anyone anywhere in the world who has Internet access. Throughout its fifty year existence, WCWP has interviewed some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, gave countless unknown artists their first radio play before they became famous, and has served as a "second home" to countless students who graduated to become successful in broadcast media, voice-acting, journalism, public relations, and other fields. WCWP is, and always will be, the voice of the students.